First Meeting of the Programme Committee for April Consumer Credit Days 2017 (ACCD)

The first meeting of the Programme Committee for this year's April Consumer Credit Days 2017 (ACCD), organised jointly by the Polish Debt Collection Association, the Association of Loan Companies and Zoomevents, took place on 12 January 2017 in Trattoria da Antonio in Warsaw.

The purpose of this meeting of experts was to summarise the year 2016, which was full of events important for the consumer services branch, and to discuss the key issues to be presented at the second ACCD.

The Committee recognised that the previous year was very interesting for the Consumer Credit branch and its back offices. It also stressed that 2017 is equally likely to bring ground-breaking events, including the EU PSD2 directive regulating the payments market in the face of the e-economy, regulations concerning further activities of credit institutions in Poland, cybercrime related to B2C activities, FinTech and the direction of market- and client-forced changes, further development of information management processes, as well as the optimisation of credit risk modelling tools in financial institutions.

Through its successful discussions, the Committee together with the Organisers of the April Consumer Credit Days, due to take place on 27-28 April 2017 at Narvil Conference & SPA Hotel in Serock near Warsaw, has proposed the following issues to constitute the principal ACCD axis:

  1. CHANGES – the current Consumer Credit situation and market prospects

  2. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT – in the consumer credits branch

  3. CREDIT RISK – risk management, including credit risk modelling

  4. INNOVATIONS – new developments for B2C in the liabilities management branch

The agenda will also comprise interactive debates providing an insight into the afore-mentioned issues from the perspective of various market participants, along with professional summaries of individual panels ensured by renowned experts and leading practitioners.

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